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What measures are you taking to protect everyone from COVID-19?

At Aylesbury Physiotherapy your health & safety is paramount. Every new patient is screened and made fully aware of the service's procedures with regards to COVID-19.


  • Virtual appointments are available for all patients who would like this service.

  • All staff are able to  wear appropriate PPE when attending appointments if requested and all patients are able to wear a face covering during the session if they wish to.

  • Cleaning of equipment is before and after each appointment. 

  • Payments are made electronically.

Where are your services available?

  • Aylesbury Physiotherapy offers it's services in a 5 mile radius to Aylesbury Town Centre.

  • Costs will vary outside this area.

Do I need a doctor’s referral?

You are able to self-refer to Aylesbury Physiotherapy

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